Costa Rica Vacation Itineraries

Costa Rica Escapes specializes in upscale & unique travel experiences throughout Costa Rica and neighboring areas in Panama. Every Costa Rica vacation itinerary that we develop is private and exclusive to your travel group, no matter how many people will be traveling. We build your trip around your schedule and your preferences.

While we do offer all-inclusive tours, we do not coordinate “big-box style vacations” or put you on a bus or in a high-rise hotel with a bunch of strangers during your adventure trip. We understand that this is a special vacation, and want to personalize and make it distinctive for you and your travel companions.

Costa Rica Itineraries (Beach Swing)

Costa Rica Escapes brings clarity, definition and efficiency to your travel preparations so that you can have a safe, high quality, and personalized trip through this exquisite country. Though we offer many different types of trips, we specialize in the following categories:

We encourage all travelers to review our Costa Rica itineraries in detail and let us know which itineraries you like the most. This will give us a good starting point as we begin the process. CRE will offer local advice and knowledge to make sure you are correctly matched with the best places to visit and the best accommodations for your trip. We offer various accommodation levels to best match your style and budget. Your vacation time is valuable and we want to create memories that last a lifetime!

Escape the Ordinary with a Genuine Costa Rica Itinerary!

Review our favorite Costa Rica itineraries below, or customize your own trip. A 7 or 8-day Costa Rica itinerary is our specialty; however, we can accommodate 2, 5, 6, 7 days (one week)…even 10, 14 or 25 day trips. If you plan to stay for multiple weeks, then we can plan some incredible local experiences that you will never forget. We are at your service.

Costa Rica Family Vacation ItineraryCosta Rica Family Vacations

Explore the fascinating country of Costa Rica and make sure the vacation itinerary is tailored to the exact desires and wishes of your family. Costa Rica Escapes specializes in hosting families of all sizes with children and adults of all different ages.  Through our 25+ years of Costa Rica travel experience, we always use boutique properties that are appropriate for families.  We only recommend age appropriate adventures and tours.  Your family’s safety is our top priority and we take pride in choosing guides and destinations that will not only keep the young ones entertained, but will engage the most well-traveled grandparent, too.

Our top family vacation itineraries are: Remote Family Adventure, Costa Rica Collection, Rainforest Family Escape and Rainforest to Beach, but don’t hesitate to ask us about designing your own custom adventure travel tour, too.

Costa Rica Honeymoon & Romantic Vacation ItinerariesCouples, Honeymoons & Romantic Getaways

When you travel to Costa Rica with your loved one or spouse, we understand your desires to create a unique and romantic environment that the two of you can share. Costa Rica Escapes uses an incredible collection of couple’s focused properties that offer visitors privacy and integration of the rainforest and beach environments. Many of the properties that we use have private plunge pools, outdoor, jungle showers showers, or a Jacuzzi on the deck. These unique & special features are sure to instigate romantic & passionate moments on your vacation. Whether it’s a Costa Rica Honeymoon, special Anniversary trip or just an Escape from the everyday life, our customized itineraries offer as much or as little adventure or activity as you desire.

The itineraries that we often use but can be modified are: Tropical Honeymoon in Paradise, Romantic Adventure and Secluded Caribbean.

Costa Rica Adventure & Nature Vacation ItinerariesAdventure & Nature Vacations

These itineraries are versatile and flexible and can be tailored to families, couples and thrill-seekers of any age. Our collection of Adventure & Nature specific itineraries are sure to create incredible memories for you and your travel companions. These itineraries cover a good deal of ground in an efficient manner and are meant for those looking to experience as much adventure while seeing a wide range of wildlife during their Costa Rica adventure travel experience. Our highlighted itineraries are uniquely designed and one-of-a-kind using top-quality service providers and efficient travel methods. These itineraries are not your “budget” option, but will provide a very high level of quality and value.

To get your creative juices flowing, please see the following itineraries and let us know your thoughts: Avid Explorer, Spirit Trekker, Volunteer-Travel and A Piece of Panama.

Arenal Volcano: Custom Costa Rica Vacation ItinerariesCustom Costa Rica Vacations & Tours

You never know when you’ll be back to visit, so we suggest making your trip to Costa Rica the absolute best that it can be! With Costa Rica Escapes, you can design and take a complete, integrated and personalized trip. We want to involve you in the itinerary design process as much as you’d like to be part of it. If you have ideas on where to go or what you’d like to do, please inform us and based on our knowledge and experience, our team will provide you will ideas and suggestions in a sample itinerary. Your customized Costa Rica itinerary will include secure connections, quality transportation, and fun, safe and awe-inspiring activities.

Building Your Costa Rica Vacation Itinerary

At Costa Rica Escapes we strongly believe in making a personal connection over the phone to begin the itinerary-design process, because Costa Rica vacations like these are an important investment. We want to make sure that expectations are properly managed and everything is exactly as you want it to be. Feel free to call us as your schedule permits; we are available over the weekends and in the evenings. You can also email us to let us know how and when we can reach you.

It doesn’t matter whether you purchase your airfare before you speak to us or afterwards, but you will need to send us your flight information at some point early in the itinerary design process. We can offer you some suggestions on the airfare purchasing, if you’d like. Based on the itineraries outlined in our website, you can let us know which one(s) appeal to you, and we can begin discussing ideas to personalize your itinerary and secure necessary reservations. Once an itinerary and estimated price has been developed, CRE will request an initial deposit and traveler’s applications. Once these elements are in place CRE will verify availability and share the details of the accommodations. At this point, travelers can verify accommodations and give feedback based on this detailed info.

CRE will work with you to define a deposit schedule that works for both sides. One week (seven days) before your trip you will receive a detailed, day-to-day, Costa Rica travel itinerary that outlines your trip and gives you all of the necessary information and instructions to carry out your Costa Rica vacation trip.

Costa Rica Escapes uses extensive knowledge and local relationships to offer the perfect travel suggestions for your needs, and create the ideal itinerary for Costa Rica vacations. We specialize in producing authentic and personalized travel experiences. Whether it’s a romantic Costa Rica honeymoon itinerary, a group of friends seeking high adventure, or a family that wants to integrate into the culture, we will combine your travel needs with our local knowledge to design your ideal Costa Rica Escape!

Our (Simplified) Costa Rica Itinerary Process

1. Review itineraries on CRE website
2. Determine which itinerary(s) interest you and your travel companions
3. Call or Email Costa Rica Escapes to speak with Itinerary-Design Specialist
4. Purchase or forward already purchased flight schedule to and from Costa Rica
5. Customize travel itinerary with CRE Specialist
6. Finalize price for travel itinerary with CRE Specialist
7. Make first deposit to secure your itinerary
8. Receive detailed information regarding specific properties and room types
9. Review properties, activities & transportation and make changes, if necessary
10. Receive detailed itinerary one week before travel dates
11. Enjoy your Costa Rica Escape’s travel itinerary!

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