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John Rabenau has been working in the eco-tourism & adventure travel industry in Costa Rica since 2002. He has worked in a variety of capacities from Outdoor Educator & Principle Guide to Itinerary Design Manager & Business Owner for numerous organizations. He has grown Costa Rica Escapes into one of the most reputable Costa Rica travel agencies since its creation in 2006, hosting more than 5,000 people with custom vacation itineraries.

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Types of Transportation & Lodging in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has worked hard to develop a very stable, high quality with excellent service tourism industry. Therefore, when it comes to transportation and lodging, visitors can expect it all. Regarding lodging, you can choose from extremely luxurious and exclusive lodges to very basic backpacker hostels and everything in between. When it comes to transportation […]

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Costa Rica Family Travel Guide

This family guide to Costa Rica travel is intended to answer common questions that we think first come to mind when you decide to plan a family trip to Costa Rica, and we help guide you to other content where we have gone more in-depth about the information that you are looking for. At Costa […]

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17 Costa Rica Facts for Kids

Costa Rica Facts for Kids

If you’re planning a trip to Costa Rica with children, you need to have a lot of fun facts to present to your kids. The following facts about Costa Rica will make your children more excited and interested in your trip, and who knows, they might even have the answer to a random question of […]

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Costa Rica with Kids: Travel Advice

Costa Rica with kids means adventure in the jungle, ocean, river, mountain, city, and more, in a country the size of West Virginia. Therefore, everything is reachable if you have the correct plan and the right advice. At Costa Rica Escapes, we love the idea of families visiting Costa Rica for an unforgettable trip (we […]

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Costa Rica with Toddlers

Costa Rica Collection (Days 5-8)

Traveling with toddlers means looking at the world as if it were for the first time. You are sure to see them enjoy each new thing like it is the most amazing they have ever laid their eyes on, therefore you don’t need anything too big or glorious to keep them interested and entertained. Traveling […]

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Beginning Birding in Costa Rica

Have you ever heard of bird watching, bird lists, big years and binoculars, and felt out of place but somewhat intrigued? Birding certainly can elicit a wide range of images. Perhaps it’s your neighbor’s laid-back weekend hobby; or your co-worker’s focus every time she goes on vacation; or even your uncle’s everyday obsession. But what […]

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