Top 10 Best Hot Springs in Arenal/La Fortuna

Costa Rica is not your typical tropical getaway. There is more to the country than just the palm tree-lined beaches and the warm Pacific and Caribbean waters. While Costa Rica is relatively small, it is home to roughly 5% of the world’s biodiversity, meaning the country is teaming with a wide array of flora and fauna that have been meticulously protected, making Costa Rica the ultimate destination for nature lovers.

While many travelers land in Costa Rica and immediately head for the coast, we suggest exploring the country’s mountainous interior before your trip to the beach. We recommend starting in La Fortuna and exploring the nearby Volcan Arenal. Beyond hiking and other adventurist pursuits, the Arenal area is home to a dozen natural hot springs. Continue reading below to learn about the Top 10 Best Hot Springs in Arenal & La Fortuna.

Tabacon Hot Springs

Tabacon Hot Springs Waterfalls

Tabacon Hot Springs gives guests access to Arenal’s only non-pumped hot spring river. Unlike other hot springs in the area that pump water heated by Volcan Arenal to manmade pools, Tabacon Hot Springs utilizes water directly from a mountain-fed, thermally heated river, offering a truly unique and close-to-nature experience. If you’re looking for an immersive natural hot spring experience in Arenal, head to Tabacon.

Springs Resort Hot Springs

Photo Credit: The Springs Resort & Spa

The Springs Resort Hot Springs, sometimes referred to as the Los Perdidos Hot Springs, is the largest and most popular hot spring in the Arenal and La Fortuna area, and for good reason. Springs Hot Springs Resort provides an unparalleled luxury hot springs experience with 25 thermal pools, several restaurants and bars, and an outdoor center that operates adventure tours. Spend an entire day at Springs Resort Hot Springs; start with a tour and a delicious meal, and end with a relaxing soak. With plenty of space to spread out and a spotless facility with unique offerings, The Springs Resort Hot Springs is easily one of the best hot springs in Arenal.

The Baldi Hot Springs

Baldi Hot Springs in Costa Rica
Photo Credit: Baldi Hot Springs

Arguably the most visited hot spring property in La Fortuna, The Baldi Hot Springs pool was one of the first tourist attractions built in La Fortuna. Locals and regular travelers flock to the Baldi Hot Springs and consider it to be one of the best hot springs in La Fortuna. Located along the area’s main road (Road 142), Baldi Hot Springs is easy to get to. The expansive property boasts 25 thermal pools, a sauna, a steam room, a jacuzzi, several restaurants and bars, and an interactive kids’ play zone. Baldi is the largest and most developed hot spring in Costa Rica. While there’s plenty of space to relax, there’s also usually a fair number of other guests. Baldi Hot Springs is an excellent option if you’re traveling with a group.

EcoTermales Hot Springs

EcoTermales Hot Springs in Costa Rica
Photo Credit: EcoTermales Hot Springs

The EcoTermales Hot Springs opened to the public in 2002 and has been a staple of the La Fortuna traveler community ever since. EcoTermales is family-owned and operated and offers visitors access to six separate natural pools with temperatures ranging from 99°F to 106°F. Additionally, there is a waterfall and two non-thermal pools for guests to enjoy. With a poolside bar and onsite restaurant, The EcoTermales Hot Springs has everything you need for a relaxing visit.

Titoku Hot Springs

Titoku Hot Springs in Costa Rica
Photo Credit: Titoku Hot Springs (Arenal Kioro Hotel)

While the Titoku Hot Springs are part of the Arenal Kioro Hotel, they are open to the public. These beautifully appointed pools feature small waterfalls and are surrounded by wildflowers. While Titoku Hot Springs is one of the smallest hot spring properties in the Arenal area, it offers an intimate and natural setting ideal for relaxation.

Los Lagos Hot Springs

Los Lagos Hot Springs in Costa Rica
Photo Credit: Los Lagos Hot Springs

Los Lagos Hot Springs is among the most popular and affordable Hot Springs in the Arenal/ La Fortuna area. The property offers a “Hot Spring Pass,” which grants visitors access to Los Lagos and other nearby hot springs. Los Lagos Hot Springs is home to a collection of small hot and cold-water pools surrounded by small waterfalls. There’s even a water slide. There’s also an onsite wildlife exhibit.

Kalambu Hot Springs

Kalambu Hot Springs in Costa Rica
Photo Credit: Kalambu Hot Springs

If you’re looking for a day of family fun, Kalambu Hot Springs offers a complete water park experience in addition to its relaxing thermal pools. Kalambu Hot Springs opened its doors in 2014 and created a hot spring experience perfect for the whole family. With water slides, splash pads, kiddie slides, and, of course, thermal pools, Kalambu Hot Springs has something for everyone.

Los Laureles Hot Springs

Los Laureles Hot Springs in Costa Rica
Photo Credit: Los Laureles Hot Springs

Los Laureles Hot Springs is a favorite amongst locals, expats, and savvy travelers. With affordable pricing and a laid-back vibe, spending the afternoon soaking at Los Laureles Hot Springs is hard to beat. While Los Laureles Hot Springs does not have the luxurious frill or decorative appointments of many of its competitors, it has everything you need to have a great time solo, as a couple, or with friends. In addition to the thermal pools, guests can access an onsite basketball court, beach volleyball, and a soccer field.

Rio Chollin Hot Springs

Rio Chollin Hot Springs in Costa Rica
Photo Credit: Outdoor Project

While it’s not technically its hot spring facility, Rio Chollin Hot Springs is still one of our favorites in the area. The Rio Chollin Hot Springs extends the free-flowing hot spring river from Tabacon Hot Springs. This publicly accessible segment, also known as Tabaconcito or mini-Tabacon, provides a more rustic and natural hot springs experience than other establishments in La Fortuna.

Termalitas del Arenal Hot Springs

Photo Credit: Termales Del Arenal

Among the array of hot springs attractions in La Fortuna, Termalitas del Arenal Hot Springs is budget-friendly for backpackers and travelers. With one of the most affordable entry fees around, Termalitas del Arenal Hot Springs gives visitors a no-frills space for swimming, relaxation, and picnicking. While it may not match the quality of facilities and pools found at higher-end venues like Los Laureles Hot Springs, Termalitas del Arenal distinguishes itself with a lush property adorned with towering palm trees.

A visit to Volcan Arenal and the quaint town of La Fortuna is not complete without a hot springs soak. From luxurious to family-friendly options, there’s something for every traveler.

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