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Find insider advice and local secrets in our Costa Rica travel blog. John Rabenau (co-founder) shares his knowledge to help you discover the beauty and secrets of one of the most magical places on earth…all while ensuring your trip is a breeze. Let this expert advice help you plan your trip whether you’re interested in a Costa Rica family vacation, honeymoon, adventure vacation, or another itinerary that would better suit your needs.

Easter in Costa Rica (Semana Santa)

Costa Rica Cross on Beach Cliff

As a company that puts together travel itineraries to visit Costa Rica, we always say it is an excellent time to visit Costa Rica. Still, there are some holidays that we need you to be aware of that will be much more crowded or a bit more expensive as well. We have already talked to […]

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Costa Rica Spring Break Vacation Guide for Families

Dad and Child on Costa Rica Beach

Spring break can be the perfect opportunity to enjoy a family trip somewhere new. Costa Rica is a popular spring break destination for many reasons: it has warm weather and excellent beaches, it’s readily accessible from the United States, and it caters to tourists while retaining an authentic feel — unlike, say, Cancún. If you’re […]

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Planning Corporate Retreats, Business & Incentive Trips to Costa Rica

Company Meeting in Costa Rica

Many businesses choose to hold their corporate events in Costa Rica due to the country’s diversity. With tropical rainforests, jungles, and cloud forests, miles of gorgeous coastline along the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, volcanoes, waterfalls, and incredible wildlife, Costa Rica is impressive and very safe! So if you want to give your colleagues and employees […]

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How to Spend Thanksgiving in Costa Rica

Pura Vida for Thanksgiving in Costa Rica

So, you want to travel to Costa Rica with family or friends. And maybe thinking to yourself, “What is Thanksgiving like in Costa Rica?” In this article, we will help you understand what happens in Costa Rica during the USA Thanksgiving celebration because this is where we see a lot of tourists come down to […]

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How to Spend Christmas in Costa Rica in 2022

Christmas Ornament and Sea Shell on Costa Rica Beach

“I’m dreaming of a White Christmas. Just like the ones I used to know.” ~Bing Crosby, White Christmas. Bing Crosby must not have been to Costa Rica during Christmas because the only way you would see white is on the beaches but in Costa Rica during Christmas, you will see green, orange, red, purple, yellow, […]

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How to Plan a Yoga Retreat/Vacation to Costa Rica

Yoga Retreat/Vacation in Costa Rica

Have you ever wanted to take a girls’ trip to another country? Maybe you have been to the coast or Las Vegas with your friends, but what about putting on your own Yoga Retreat/Vacation in Costa Rica. While Costa Rica is known for the beautiful beaches to sunbathe and surf, many adventures of ziplining and […]

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Costa Rica Ecotourism: Destinations, Activities & More

Rio celeste; Tenorio national park Costa Rica

When you think of Costa Rica, what comes to mind? If you live in the United States, Canada, or Europe, there’s a good chance it’s a form of ecotourism. Whether you’re imagining secluded beaches, towering waterfalls, soaring macaws, or bubbling volcanic hot springs, Costa Rica’s identity as an ecotourism destination has been carefully cultivated. Costa […]

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Top 10 Costa Rica Group Travel Tips

Costa Rica Group Travel

Costa Rica is among the most beautiful and exciting destinations in the world, and while it’s perfectly suitable for solo travel, the best experiences are often those that can be shared with others. If you are planning a group or family trip to Costa Rica, you won’t be lacking in available activities. From thrilling canopy […]

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Top 10 Costa Rica Family Tours

Costa Rica Hiking

If you are planning a family vacation to Costa Rica, you won’t be disappointed with the number of family activities Costa Rica has to offer. No matter what you end up doing, kids and adults will both be able to discover and be amazed by nature, and some of those activities will add just the […]

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How to Plan a Family Reunion Trip to Costa Rica

Family on Reunion Trip to Costa Rica

After the year we’ve all had in 2020, it’s no surprise that people are now eagerly looking to reunite and travel with their friends and family. Travel demand is surging as more people get vaccinated and restrictions ease. And what better way to celebrate the end of a pandemic than by a special trip with […]

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