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Costa Rica Family Travel Guide

This family guide to Costa Rica travel is intended to answer common questions that we think first come to mind when you decide to plan a family trip to Costa Rica, and we help guide you to other content where we have gone more in-depth about the information that you are looking for. At Costa […]

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The Best (Authentic) Places to Stay in Costa Rica With Kids

Arenal Hot Springs

A very important part of planning a trip to Costa Rica with your kids is deciding where to stay. Making a family trip an adventure is important, and finding the right kind of family activities according to your children’s age is the key. Traveling to (and through) Costa Rica with toddlers is different than bringing […]

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17 Costa Rica Facts for Kids

Costa Rica Facts for Kids

For your upcoming visit to Costa Rica, you need to have a lot of fun facts to present to your kids. The following facts about Costa Rica will make your children more excited and interested in your trip, and who knows, they might even have the answer to a random question of Trivia in the […]

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Costa Rica with Kids: Travel Advice

Costa Rica with kids means adventure in the jungle, ocean, river, mountain, city, and more, in a country the size of West Virginia. Therefore, everything is reachable if you have the correct plan and the right advice. At Costa Rica Escapes, we love the idea of families visiting Costa Rica for an unforgettable trip (we […]

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Costa Rica with Toddlers

Costa Rica Collection (Days 5-8)

Traveling with toddlers means looking at the world as if it were for the first time. You are sure to see them enjoy each new thing like it is the most amazing they have ever laid their eyes on, therefore you don’t need anything too big or glorious to keep them interested and entertained. Traveling […]

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Beginning Birding in Costa Rica

Have you ever heard of bird watching, bird lists, big years and binoculars, and felt out of place but somewhat intrigued? Birding certainly can elicit a wide range of images. Perhaps it’s your neighbor’s laid-back weekend hobby; or your co-worker’s focus every time she goes on vacation; or even your uncle’s every day obsession. But […]

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Things to Do in Costa Rica with Kids

If you are planning your family vacations (or holidays) in Costa Rica, you will not be disappointed with the number of family activities Costa Rica has to offer. No matter what you end up doing, kids and adults will be able to discover and be amazed by nature and some of those activities will add […]

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The Best Beaches in Costa Rica for Families

Parents from all over the world heading for a beach vacation with their little (or not-so-little-anymore) ones should be happy to know that nothing works quite like the combination of sun, salt water and sand to tire out kids of all ages. Fortunately, Costa Rica has two coasts brimming with all of the above plus […]

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Moving to Costa Rica from the United States of America

Life as an Expat in Costa Rica

Are you an American considering moving to Costa Rica with kids and the rest of your family? You’re not alone. We can help you by planning a discovery trip to see if Costa Rica is right for you. Note: we do not offer relocation services. Moving to Costa Rica Because of the US Election Results Trump […]

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Turrialba Volcano Eruptions & Traveling to Costa Rica

The Turrialba volcano eruptions in Costa Rica are a sight to behold. Travelers come from all around the world to see this magnificent wonder of nature, and Ticos (local Costa Ricans) hold a sense of awe, wonder and beauty that this volcano brings to their daily lives. Come see for yourself why this natural phenomenon is […]

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