Christmas in Costa Rica

Christmas in Costa Rica offers a holiday vacation of a lifetime. There’s nothing quite like the tropical breeze and vibrant culture that this gorgeous country has to offer, especially over the holidays! The best part is…it’s not too late to book your trip!

christmas in costa rica

Costa Rica is full of festivities over the Christmas holiday. Misa de Gallo (Mass of the Rooster) on Christmas Eve is a midnight mass that is not to be missed. The mass concludes with a family feast including plantain leave-wrapped chicken and pork and delectable desserts (such as Tres Leches cake) and festive holiday cocktails such as rum punch and spiked eggnog.

The actual Christmas holiday, extending through the end of December, includes unforgettable parties of all kinds: dance festivals, fiestas, parades, street fairs and other festivities. The day after Christmas (December 26th) is known for the El Tope horseback parade, and the following day (December 27th) is known for the Carnaval Nacional festivity that fills the streets with holiday floats and dancing. The festivities will continue through early January.

Carnaval Nacional Costa Rica
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Planning your Costa Rica Christmas vacation with Costa Rica Escapes will ensure that your trip will be memorable, that planning is a breeze, and that you focus your time and energy on enjoying your time with family in this beautiful tropical setting. Each area of Costa Rica celebrates the Christmas season a bit differently, so be sure to tell us what you’re interested in and we’ll craft the perfect trip.

Christmas is Peak Season in Costa Rica!

This time of the year is known as the Peak Season in Costa Rica. With the flexible school and work schedules in North America, many families, couples and small groups choose the Christmas holiday as a good one to take a vacation. In the travel market, supply is vey limited and prices are at an absolute premium.

<p “>In many cases, space at hotels are extremely scarce, and hotel prices can be up to two times as expensive than normal season prices for these two weeks. This is normal for this time of year in Costa Rica.

Just because this is the most popular time of year in Costa Rica, however, it doesn’t mean that your family vacation or group trip can’t be an exclusive and unique travel experience in Costa Rica. The key to the success of your trip at this time of year is flexibility and your willingness to work with a Costa Rica travel specialist.

There are certain places in Costa Rica that you will want to avoid during the holidays. When selecting Costa Rica Escapes to work with for your holiday vacation’s itinerary design, we make sure that we your unique & specific travel wishes & needs.

<h3″>Choose Your Costa Rica Itinerary Wisely

First off, our trips are designed to be exclusive and private to you and your fellow travelers. It is best to talk to us on the phone so that we can ask important and relevant questions about your desires for your trip. We don’t just tell you what we think is best before you give us your thoughts. We’re great travel planners, and we understand that each traveler has his or her own travel style. We will want to understand your travel wishes before making assumptions about the type of trip to design for your Costa Rica Christmas vacation.

Christmas in Costa Rica: Beaches for Family Vacations

At Costa Rica Escapes, we avoid the cookie-cutter style of vacation. We avoid forcing you down a path without choices. We’re not a company that is trying to sell you. In many cases, large travel organizations who offer Costa Rica holiday packages will block a clump of rooms and are instructed to sell these rooms to their clients. This is bad practice and how one ends up with a run-of-the-mill trip to Costa Rica. We do things differently at Costa Rica Escapes, especially over Christmas.

For Christmas season travelers, we prefer to get creative and use locations where you won’t be overcome with crowds. We like to include undiscovered locations that are before their time, where visitors can see do and see similar things that they would do in other, more discovered locations of the country…but with less crowds. To fill this bill, we use destinations like Osa Peninsula, Tenorio/Celeste, Central Caribbean and Drake’s Bay (to name a few) in our Costa Rica itineraries.

Plan an Unforgettable Christmas in Costa Rica!

If you are looking to design a unique vacation to spend Christmas Costa Rica this holiday…you’re not too late! We’re on call, ready to help you start planning your trip. Contact using the form below for a free vacation planning consultation.

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