Costa Rica Family Travel Guide

This family guide to Costa Rica travel is intended to answer common questions that we think first come to mind when you decide to plan a family trip to Costa Rica, and we help guide you to other content where we have gone more in-depth about the information that you are looking for.

At Costa Rica Escapes, we are all about quality travel. A carefully planned and personalized Costa Rica family vacation will create memories that your family will share forever, it will give you the opportunity to grow together, and it will be quality time spent as a family that will only bring you closer.

A trip to Costa Rica with your family is one of the best trips that you can plan. We live in this beautiful country with our families for much of the year and find this country to be one of the best places in the world to raise our children and one of the unique places in the world that can give you that family trip that your family deserves.

Let us help you plan that unforgettable family trip to Costa Rica, either by browsing through our family travel guide below or by asking us to plan that trip for you!

Accommodation in Costa Rica for your Family Trip

Finding the right lodging for your family is very important, and you might feel a little overwhelmed when you start looking around for different options since Costa Rica has a lot to offer, from small, family-run bed and breakfast accommodations to five-star hotels that are commonly visited by Hollywood stars and their families.

We suggest, besides looking at your budget, that you take an unbiased look at your family’s interests and decide what would be best for them. If you prefer a small boutique hotel or a charming B&B run by a Costa Rican family because your family functions better in more private spaces, then look for places that have gotten good reviews by other travelers. Or, if you prefer big hotels, try to find that chain that is familiar to you as it most likely exists in Costa Rica. Note: we already have an excellent selection of different types of lodging that we are ready to share with you during the itinerary planning process).

Looking to stay in areas that best suit your interests? We have listed some suggestions in our previous article, The Best (Authentic) Places to Stay in Costa Rica with Kids. You might be considering an “all-inclusive” resort, but before you settle for that, consider that you can take a different approach by booking more authentic lodging, and still enjoy the safety and comfort of an all-inclusive experience. Read our article, All-Inclusive Costa Rica Family Vacation Experiences: Authenticity vs Resorts.

When to Come to Costa Rica on your Family Trip?

Probably the best time to come to Costa Rica with your family will be during the dry season, from December to April, because you will have more time to be outside and explore with your loved ones. One thing to consider is that this is considered the high season (spring break, etc.), so prices are a bit higher and getting reservations with short notice is harder.

The dry season will help ensure plenty of sunny beach days

Nonetheless, the rainy season, May to November, is pretty charming and offers the visitors deep green and lush forests to explore.

Review our Weather in Costa Rica article for an explanation of the different seasons throughout the year and suggestions on when to pick one or the other for your trip.

Also, please browse our Best Time to Visit Costa Rica page where not only we have listed descriptions of the different seasons, but also different holidays, events and festivals you should consider for your trip and how crowds and cost will affect it.

Where to Go in Costa Rica on your Family Trip?

Costa Rica offers so much diversity that you would need several months to actually see it and absorb it all. We know that you probably only have a week or two to spend in Costa Rica, so deciding where to go is extremely important and requires time, thought, and expert consultation.

Make some time for the beach, where you can enjoy the water and sun as you relax between activities (there are endless activities in Costa Rica). We have prepared some advice on what we think are the best beaches for families.

puntarenas beach
Gorgeous sunset at Puntarenas beach

Looking for some countryside and rainforest exploration? The highlands of Costa Rica, with its mountains and valleys, offer incredible views, diverse activities, and more comfortable temperatures (the coasts can get real hot!).

We suggest you choose three or four locations for your family trip, depending on the time you have. In our Where to go in Costa Rica page, you can read more about specific and well-known destinations in Costa Rica.

What to Do in Costa Rica on your Family Trip?

The good news is that, in Costa Rica, you can do basically everything that doesn’t involve snow! The bad news is that it means you have lots of activities to choose from for your family.

If you are looking for a family adventure vacation, then consider a whitewater rafting trip, a canopy tour, an interpretative hike in the forest and maybe some surfing lessons. Our Remote Costa Rica Family Adventure Vacation Itinerary willl give you a place to start planning and getting ideas.

If your goal is to show your family the natural wonders that Costa Rica holds, it is very important that you try and visit at least two or three different kinds of forest, hopefully including a hike in a national park, some time in the ocean spotting wildlife and an experience immersing yourself in nature (like bathing in hot springs or taking a boat tour through a mangrove forest).

Spend some time hiking with your kids in Costa Rica

These types of activities will give you a taste of what Costa Rica has to offer. We have put together the perfect itineraries for this type of trip! Review our Costa Rica Collection Family Itinerary and Costa Rica Rainforest-to-Beach Family Vacation Itinerary.

Traveling with Kids to Costa Rica? Thought so!

All of the suggestions we have given you so far about places to visit or activities to consider will always be limited by the age of your children. It’s very different planning a trip with teenagers, who would probably love a whitewater rafting trip, compared to a trip with preschoolers, who might just want to have a pool nearby (and frequent snacks!). Visit our page, Costa Rica with Kids: Travel Advice, to learn more about what we think you should consider for your trip.

Once you have your trip planned (hopefully we are helping you!), make sure to read, print and/or memorize these Facts about Costa Rica that you can share with your kids at any point of your trip. Learning while traveling is fun!

If you are Traveling with Babies & Toddlers to Costa Rica

Now, if you have small children with you, the pace of your trip will be different. We have put together an article with all of our suggestions and considerations when it comes to visiting Costa Rica with toddlers.

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