All-Inclusive Costa Rica Family Vacation Experiences: Authenticity vs Resorts

There are many reasons why you might consider an all-inclusive resort at first thought for your family vacation in Costa Rica, and all of them are valid!

  • Don’t you want to know that everything will be taken care of when your flight lands?
  • Who can complain about knowing that there’s no need for you to drive around or figuring out transportation?
  • Who wouldn’t want to know that while traveling all you have to worry about is to be present because everything else has been organized for you?
  • Who can say no to that kind of peace of mind when traveling with children, or in a big group, or right after a very important moment in your life like your wedding?

The problem is that many of these all-inclusive places, as comfortable as they are, come with a catch: they lack authenticity and can offer a generic experience.

The all-inclusive resorts will be very careful to take care of all of your needs, but they will not necessarily show you the Costa Rica you want to get to know.

Remote Costa Rica Adventure Tours (Days 1-2)

The good news is that our travel planning team has the solution for a more authentic experience, and you can still have an all-inclusive trip planned! If you ask a real expert in Costa Rica to create an itinerary for you, you will have the peace of mind and comfort of the all-inclusive experience with the certainty that your trip will show you Costa Rica, the real Costa Rica, making your trip more memorable and rewarding for the whole family, and avoiding the hustle and bustle of the planning (especially during your trip!).

Authenticity and Diversity vs All-Inclusive Resorts

It is true that all-inclusive resorts offer day tours, but if you are in one place at all times there is just so much you can do that is different and that doesn’t require long drives back and forth.

If you chose your all-inclusive resort wisely, then you won’t have to travel long to reach that one adventure that you definitely do not want to miss while you are in Costa Rica.

But when you book a customized family trip to Costa Rica that feels just like an all-inclusive experience, you do not have to choose just one adventure and stick to it. Instead, your desires and dreams will guide the planning with your itinerary provider, and you can include plenty of adventures that please the entire family.

A customized trip will give you the opportunity to travel wisely and visit different parts of Costa Rica, which offer very different kinds of activities, ecosystems, landscapes, weather, and more. If you don’t believe that a small country like Costa Rica can offer so many different experiences, visit our Where to Go in Costa Rica pages and be surprised.

Authenticity and Food vs All-Inclusive Resorts

Perhaps you play it safe when it comes to food. You like your comfort food, like pizza or a tasty burger. An all-inclusive hotel will mass-produce food in a way that will please you (and the majority), and there’s nothing wrong with that.

But imagine how gratifying it could be if you also get surprised with unique ingredients that make international dishes so much more special and memorable.

Costa Rican Breakfast Omelette

Visiting different parts of Costa Rica in a carefully planned customized itinerary can do that for you, and since most meals are pre-arranged, all you have to do is mention what you love to eat and your travel planning experts will make sure to take you to the right place.

Or it could be that you love trying different things at all times and you crave the opportunity to come to Costa Rica and taste the flavors that make this country special. You might have a small taste of Costa Rican food at an all-inclusive resort, but it will never have the authentic taste that comes only when food is prepared by talented local chefs and cooks at small restaurants that specialize in cooking with what the land around them offers, and what their family traditions and community traditions have thought them.

Authenticity and Local People vs All-Inclusive Resorts

Service is very important in Costa Rica. Everywhere you go you will always find kind people that want to serve you and make sure you have a great experience in this small but beautiful and diverse country. An all-inclusive resort will not be the exception and they will employ service-oriented people, but most likely a lot of them will not necessarily come from where the resort is located.

If you book a customized trip to Costa Rica you will have the opportunity to move around to those places that interest you and find the locals that treasure that part of the country. Local people will tell you the stories that make that place unique, stories that will not repeat at your next stop.

The diverse world that characterizes nature in Costa Rica also characterizes the people and their stories and there is no better way to get to know it than taking a trip that allows you to explore different parts of the country.

Authenticity and Freedom vs All-Inclusive Resorts

Freedom to choose and discover is very important when you travel. All-inclusive resorts know that at some point you will want to have more choices either of food, or tours, or daily activities inside the hotel. Nonetheless, that freedom can only go so far when you are inside a big all-inclusive resort, and on top of it, you know (even before arriving) how many options you will have and when…with no room for surprises.

When you book a customized trip with an expert like Costa Rica Escapes, you will always have days that are open for leisure or for exploring something that you just discovered interests you, or you never thought existed! Also, talking about food, it gives you the opportunity to have nights when dinners are not pre-arranged so you can decide that night what you feel like having or craving…and find a local one-of-a-kind restaurant to dine at (we always give great suggestions!).

Although it feels safer to know you have everything planned, aren’t you coming to Costa Rica for some adventure? Please know that a country like Costa Rica will always have room for surprise and discovery since, no matter how many guidebooks you’ve read or how many websites you have visited, there will always be undisclosed discoveries to be had!

Authentic and Unique Costa Rica Family Vacation Experience vs All-Inclusive Resorts

All-inclusive experiences were carefully designed, built, and put into action by travel companies looking to appease the masses. But what was done is done. We don’t want you to think that choosing an all-inclusive experience at a resort will take away all of what Costa Rica has to offer, or that your experience will not be pleasurable. That’s not the case.

But when deciding how to travel with your family, your significant other or your friends to Costa Rica, we do know that the all-inclusive experience will be the same experience that thousands of other people have before you, and will experience after you, with little to no room for personalizing.

If you decide to get help from authentic Costa Rica travel experts like us and have a trip designed for your needs, dreams, interest, level of adventure, and peace of mind, you will also be rewarded with uniqueness because nobody else in the world could ever match what you want to (and will) experience in Costa Rica. Even if you book one of our pre-arranged itineraries for families, honeymooners, or adventures, remember that there’s always leisure days that you can fill up with new experiences and different tastes that caught your attention or spiked your curiosity as you travel. Every trip is different!

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