Where are the Best Hot Springs in Costa Rica?

Are you craving to relax on your vacation to Costa Rica, but you are not sure how? We get it. You want to head to the beach, hike, or go horseback riding or zip lining—so many activities in Costa Rica but so little time.

We have a solution for you that we think you will love. How about we combine the activities with some great hot springs? Most of these hot springs are formed from the volcanic springs, then are returned to the surface for some relaxation after an active day in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica hot spring

Some of the health benefits of hot springs are boosting your blood circulation, helping relieve stress and allowing you to sleep better, relieving pain, and could potentially help you with skin problems. Now, we should inform you that you need to check with your doctor before you jump in these hot springs since the heat may not be for the faintest of your heart.

We want to share with you some of the best hot springs in Costa Rica, what we have learned about over the years, which ones are natural hot springs, and of course, where to stay near the hot springs.

How Many Hot Springs Are There In Costa Rica?

There are too many to count. However, since there are over 200+ volcanic formations in Costa Rica, some are active, and some are dominant, we feel that we will not find all the hot springs.

But don’t worry, we found some good ones to take care of that body of yours after a rough mountain biking day in Arenal or ziplining through the jungle.

Which Hot Springs Are Natural In Costa Rica?

Many hot springs are natural in Costa Rica, especially with the numerous volcanos in the country.

Something that you may want to consider when it comes to checking out hot springs is:

  1. Is there a hotel or a resort nearby that has hot springs?
  2. Some hot springs are on private property, so please proceed with caution.
  3. Connect with the locals, Tico and Ticas, as they will show you where some of the hot springs are, and maybe you can practice your Spanish.
  4. Make sure you have colones before you head out of the adventure, as many tours may not have access to credit cards or US dollars.

What Temperature Are The Hot Springs In Costa Rica?

The temperatures of the hot springs can range from 77 degrees Fahrenheit to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. So, we ask you to check with your doctor before entering the hot springs.

Where Are The Best Hot Springs In Costa Rica?

The hot springs will be near the volcanos of Costa Rica. And Costa Rica is known for its famous hot springs around the country due to all the volcanic activity.

Some of the best hot springs we have observed will be at the Arenal Volcano, Rincon de la Vieja Volcano, Miraalles Volcano, and Chato Volcano.

It is a little easier to break down the hot springs by the volcanos since Costa Rica has some incredible hotels and resorts surrounding the hot springs and the volcanos.

Where To Stay Near Hot Springs In Costa Rica?

The Arenal Volcano

Costa Rica Hot Spring (Arenal)
The Springs Resort and Spa is a popular location to experience hot springs in Costa Rica

As you may read about Costa Rica, the Arenal Volcano is a very popular place to see. The best time to visit the hot springs in Arenal Volcano is September and October. October is a particularly rainy month, so the crowds will not be busy, which is a perfect way to slide into some hot springs around the volcano.

The thermal water around the Arenal Volcano has high mineral content, consisting of sulfate, calcium, and sodium. There are plenty of articles about the benefits of hot springs, such as taking care of the skin, absorbing toxins, and helping with the stomach, but just an overall feel-good feeling.

Here are some of the most popular hot springs and resorts that we have found around the Arenal Volcano:

  • The Springs Resort and Spa: This resort was voted the most spectacular view in the World by CNN, and the grounds are incredible to be around. The water is pumped from a river nearby, and there are several hot spring pools, all shapes and sizes, along with waterfalls for you to sit and let your worries go away.
  • The Perdido Springs: These springs are in The Springs Resort and Spa, and these hot springs are great for the whole family as there are waterslides for the kids.
  • Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort: This resort won 2019’s Conde Nast Traveler’s Reader’s Choice Award for its hot springs and gardens. There is a hot springs trail where you can find waterfalls and volcanic stones. One of our clients said this about Tabacon Resort: “The only change would be to add another day at Tabacon Resort to hike the volcano and enjoy the wonderful hot springs more.”

Looking at the resorts around the Arenal Volcano can be a tad overwhelming since there are many, so go ahead and reach out to us so that we can figure out your budget first, and then we can provide the best resort for you.

Rincon De La Vieja Volcano

Visitors with healing mud at Borinquen Mountain hot springs

Another volcano not far from the Liberia airport is Rincon De La Vieja and the time of year to visit is from May to November. While the summer months may be a tad crowded, just like Arenal, September to Mid- November, will be your best months to visit.

While the most popular hot springs are Arenal, there are some hot springs near this volcano. They may not be as nice as the Arenal ones but may not be as crowded. Something for you to think about when planning.

There are not too many hotels/resorts around Rincon De La Vieja Volcano, but here are a few options.

  • Borinquen Mountain Resorts: This resort is in the Guanacaste area of Costa Rica, so an easy trip from the Liberia Airport. The hotel has incredible private villas and bungalows, as you are in your little world with the fantastic sunsets and mountain views. After a packed day of hiking or exploring, the thermal springs will provide a relaxing ambiance for you to enjoy.
  • Rio Perdido Hotel & Thermal River: Check out the Rio Perdido hot springs river at the bottom of the hotel property. You can take a nature walk and even do a mud bath!

Chato Volcano

Photo Courtesy of Volcano Lodge Hotel & Thermal Experience

This volcano is the sister of the Arenal Volcano, so many hotels you may find will be connected to Arenal Volcano. Check out this hotel that will take you to Chato and Arenal:

  • Volcano Lodge Hotel & Thermal Experience: This is close to the Arenal Volcano, but there are opportunities to experience the “sister” volcano of Arenal. The Chato Volcano has a beautiful hike and can take you to La Fortuna Waterfall.

Miravalles Volcano

Hot Springs near Miravalles Volcano in Costa Rica

The Miravalles Volcano is the tallest in the Province of Guanacaste. This volcano is dominant, but it generates thermal energy. Therefore, we consider this volcano a hidden gem, as it is about an hour from the Liberia Airport.

Why is this a hidden gem? There are not a lot of towns nearby, you won’t notice a lot of tourism, and you will enjoy hanging with the locals more than ex-pats.

If you look at a map of Miravalles Volcano, you will see that it is between Rincon de La Vieja and Tenorio. So, if you are looking for a hotel with hot springs, there are plenty.


As you see, there are many opportunities to find hot springs since there are many volcanos around Costa Rica. What a perfect way to relax in Costa Rica after you did a strenuous hike or had a full day of travel to get to this beautiful country.

We would love to help you put together an itinerary where it can be a combination of a beach, a hike, and some hot springs for your ideal vacation in Costa Rica.

Contact us below, and we would be happy to help you out.

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