Costa Rica Itineraries for 2024 Trips

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Finding an upscale yet affordable travel experience in Costa Rica can be tough, especially for those shopping for a unique travel experience, not some cookie-cutter travel agency trip. Costa Rica Escapes offers bespoke itineraries that show travelers the magic of Costa Rica’s diverse landscape and unique culture, which fits their schedules, interests, and group sizes.

Costa Rica Escapes itineraries are not generic “big-box style” trips that put you on a bus or in a high-rise hotel with strangers. With personalized experiences, immersive activities, and boutique luxury accommodations, Costa Rica Escapes is the ultimate travel solution for those seeking more out of their trips. Check out our video below to learn a little more!

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Explore Our Costa Rica Itineraries

Costa Rica Escapes brings clarity and efficiency to your travel planning. Enjoy a safe, high-quality, personalized trip through this exquisite country without the stress of planning it yourself. We encourage all travelers to review our Costa Rica itineraries in detail and let us know which you like the most and what activities interest you. We provide expert local advice on accommodations, travel styles, and activities. We use your interests and budget to find the best fit for you and your group. Your vacation time is valuable, and we want to create memories that will last a lifetime!

Costa Rica Family Vacation Itinerary

Costa Rica Family Vacation Itineraries

Costa Rica Escapes hosts families of all sizes with children and adults of all ages. With decades of Costa Rica travel experience, we always use boutique properties that are appropriate for families. We only recommend age-appropriate adventures and tours that match your family’s interests and abilities. Your family’s safety is our top priority. We take pride in choosing trusted local guides and destinations with something to offer every family member.

Cost Range: $1,670 – $5,350 per person
Itinerary Duration: 8-11 days (7-10 nights)


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costa rica honeymoon image

Costa Rica Honeymoon Vacation Itineraries

Choose from our incredible collection of properties specifically for couples who prioritize romance and privacy. Our romantic itineraries present travelers with a blend of rainforest and beach environments. Our preferred properties offer private plunge pools, outdoor jungle showers, or hot tubs on the deck. These unique features create the perfect setting for romance. Whether it’s a honeymoon, a special anniversary trip, or an escape from everyday life, our itineraries strike the perfect balance of romance and adventure.

Cost Range: $1,610 – $5,810 per person
Itinerary Duration: 8-11 days (7-10 nights)


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costa rica adventure vacations iamge

Costa Rica Adventure Vacation Itineraries

Our collection of awe-inspiring adventure and nature-focused trips is perfect for athletic and active groups that seek more from their travel experiences. These itineraries cover a lot of ground efficiently. They are meant for those looking to experience as much adventure as possible while seeing a wide range of wildlife during their stay. Each itinerary is a one-of-a-kind trip, uniquely designed using top-quality service providers and efficient travel methods. These are not your “budget” trips. We provide a very high level of quality and value.

Cost Range: customized for each trip
Itinerary Duration: 8-11 days (7-10 nights)


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Arenal Volcano: Custom Costa Rica Vacation Itineraries

Custom Costa Rica Itineraries

We recommend making the absolute most of your time in Costa Rica. With Costa Rica Escapes, you can design a completely personalized trip and be as involved in the trip planning as you desire. Let us know if you have ideas on where to go or what to do. Our team will provide ideas and suggestions, including secure connections, quality transportation, and fun, safe, and awe-inspiring activities.

Cost Range: customized for each trip
Itinerary Duration: customized for each trip


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Tips for Planning a Costa Rica Itinerary

First-time travelers to Costa Rica are often surprised at the wide variety of destinations, experiences, and attractions in such a small country. This can make the task of planning the ultimate itinerary daunting. With so much to do and see, it’s difficult to narrow down the options for a short trip. Fortunately for our travelers, we’re experts at creating multi-destination itineraries that offer a bit of everything, from the cloud forests, volcanoes, and jungles to the tropical beaches and charming towns.


What Type of Trip Should You Take?

The first step to planning your ultimate Costa Rica itinerary is to identify what type of trip you plan to take. Is your Costa Rica vacation a family trip, honeymoon, or an adventure trip? How many people are going on the trip? What are the expectations of each traveler? Consider the ages, abilities, attention span, and interests of each member of your group or family. Remember that some locations and activities have an age minimum and require a certain level of physical fitness for safety.


Identifying your preferred style of travel and your desired adventure level will allow us to create your dream vacation.

Next, decide the length of your trip. Do you want time to explore the country thoroughly, or would you prefer a quick highlight tour of the must-see locations?

Relaxing on Costa Rica Beach
Costa Rica itineraries offer adventure and relaxation, from beach to rainforest. Experience Pura Vida!

We recommend a minimum of 7 days. A whole week gives travelers enough time for arrival and departure travel and to thoroughly enjoy multiple destinations in-country.


How Many Days Should Spend in Costa Rica?

We specialize in 8-10 day trips in Costa Rica. Most of our trips are described as a 9-day trip. However, we also offer 8-day and 11-day variations (with pricing) to help you better understand your options. If you’re looking to spend only 7 days in Costa Rica, we can accommodate your schedule, but we recommend spending a little more than a week in Costa Rica to enjoy everything the country truly has to offer. The more time you spend in Costa Rica, the more activities you can fit into your schedule.

If you’re interested in a 12-14-day trip, we’ll create an itinerary allowing you to maximize your time with incredible, immersive local experiences. No matter the length of your trip, we’ll help you make the most of your time in Costa Rica. Just contact us to get started. We’re happy to answer questions!

7 days (one week)

Find a balance of rainforest and beach destinations. Ensure you take advantage of the most quintessential destinations while minimizing travel time. In a week, we generally go straight for the most prized natural attractions and activities, like whitewater rafting, strategically skipping the big cities.

8 days

With an additional day, you can enjoy the highlights of a 7-day itinerary and add another attraction, such as a volcano mountain, or a day tour, like a visit to Sarchí in the central valley, before you depart.

10 days

10 days in Costa Rica allows travelers to take their time and truly immerse in each destination. Within 10 days, you can enjoy the rainforest, a beach, and a volcano, adding in more places to visit while taking your time to truly soak in everything each place has to offer.

14 days (two weeks)

Two full weeks give travelers the luxury of covering more ground, exploring different regions of the country, and venturing into more remote locations. With the extra time, you can enjoy a slower pace of travel, taking time to soak in each location and maximize the diverse climates, landscapes, and ecosystems available in Costa Rica.

14 days also ensures you have enough time to visit both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts and various elevations such as the highlands of
Monteverde or Irazú volcano. You can also spend some time in the capital, San José. Explore Costa Rica’s Southern Zone and secluded locations such as Drake Bay and the famous Corcovado National Park, one of Costa Rica’s wild frontiers.

You preferred activities should be considered in your length of trip

What are Costa Rica’s Top Destinations for Families?

Costa Rica’s top destinations include coastal and inland destinations. Our Costa Rica Collection trip includes a combination of rainforest, cloud forest, and Pacific beach destinations and features the most enjoyable and iconic locations in Costa Rica. Popular activities include snorkeling, wildlife and rainforest tours, soaking in thermal hot springs, and flying through the treetops on a canopy tour.

costa rica hot spring experience
Both families and couples will love Costa Rica’s hot spring experiences!

The following resources will help you determine where to go:

What Lodging & Accommodations Should You Consider?

When planning your lodging, ensure your desired accommodations match your group’s budget and tastes. By planning a trip with us, you can prevent unexpected surprises or lodging that doesn’t meet the reviews or photos you saw on their website. Whether you need Casual, Premier, or Upgraded (Luxury) accommodations, we meet your lodging needs and standards.

What Transportation Should You Take In-Country?

Transportation is vital on a trip that involves multiple destinations. The smoothest and easiest way to experience the journey, especially for groups, is to use private transportation.

Rental cars, shuttles, or even public buses are also options for the more adventurous travelers and those up for navigating Costa Rica independently. We recommend reviewing the Costa Rica transportation tips from the U.S. Department of State before choosing to drive in Costa Rica.

Some destinations, such as Tortuguero, do not currently have road access, so arrival via riverboat through tropical mangroves is part of the journey.

To travel to Costa Rica’s more remote locations or to save time, we may recommend using Costa Rica’s local airlines that fly from the major airports of Juan Santamaría and Liberia to smaller landing strips at destinations throughout the country.

costa rica beach manuel antonio
Don’t forget about the rainforests, but the beaches in Costa Rica are incredible!

Balancing Beaches vs Rainforest

We recommend visiting both the rainforest and beach on any trip to Costa Rica. Costa Rica offers a variety of climates and diverse flora and fauna. Explore the beaches of Guanacaste or the cloud forest of Monteverde. Some locations, such as Manuel Antonio, have both beaches and rainforests.

Building Your Costa Rica Itinerary

We specialize in creating authentic and personalized travel experiences using our extensive knowledge of the region combined with our trusted local relationships.

How We Communicate

We believe in making a personal connection over the phone to begin the trip-planning process because vacations like these are important investments. We want to ensure that expectations are properly managed and everything is exactly as you want it to be.

Feel free to call us as your schedule permits. We are available during the week, over the weekends, and evenings. You can also email us to let us know how and when we can reach you.

Purchasing Flights to Costa Rica

It doesn’t matter whether you purchase your airfare before or after you speak to us, but you will need to send us your flight information early in our communication. We can offer some suggestions on purchasing airfare to help maximize your budget and ensure a pleasant commute.

SJO Airport
Costa Rica offers clean and efficient airport experiences in both San Jose and Liberia. Photo Credit: SJO

Choosing & Refining Trip Details

If any of our sample itineraries appeal to you, we can begin discussing ideas for personalizing your trip and securing necessary reservations.

Once your trip details and estimated price have been developed, we will request an initial deposit and travel application, verify availability, and share the details of the accommodations. At this point, you can confirm your preferred accommodations and further refine the details of your trip. Travel insurance is also available from our preferred provider.

Deposit & Finalized Details

We will work with you to define a deposit schedule that works for everyone. One week before your trip, you will receive a detailed, day-to-day itinerary outlining your trip and giving you all the necessary information and instructions to carry out your daily travel.

Costa Rica pura vida
Come to Costa Rica. Experience Pura Vida!

Let’s Help You Plan the Perfect Itinerary

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