Homestays: Learn Spanish in Costa Rica

Turrialba — Bocas del Toro, Panama

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Costa Rica Homestays

Travelers who are interested in actually living with a local family in order to practice and learn Spanish in Costa Rica, and immerse themselves into a different culture, this is the trip for you!

Not all Costa Rica Spanish immersion programs are created the same. When you plan your trip with us, we place you in a home with a reputable Costa Rican family. Our Costa Rican host families are extremely caring and proud individuals that have the desire to teach you about their amazing culture. You will have a private room, a shared or private bathroom, and they will cook you three meals a day.  You may wash your laundry at their house.  All of our host families have telephones and many have access to the Internet.

Spanish Language School (Learn Spanish in Costa Rica)

Spanish Language School

During the day, you may attend classes at a local Spanish Language School or get a private tour to come to your homestay house for classes. There are also options for children to immerse themselves into the Spanish language by attending a local kindergarten, elementary, or high school. No matter what age, anyone can learn Spanish in Costa Rica with an authentic homestay!

Kids (Learn Spanish in Costa Rica)

Stats, Facts & Highlights of our Costa Rica Homestays

  • Length of Homestays and Spanish Language School trips can be customized according to your travel needs.
  • Transportation to and from homestay neighborhoods can also be arranged.
  • Designing a trip with both homestay and Spanish language school component is highly recommended for travelers who would like to truly experience Costa Rican culture.
  • Acquiring a personal relationship with a Costa Rican family is truly an experience of a lifetime! This trip is best for travelers looking to fully immerse themselves into the Costa Rican way of life and make long-lasting friendships.

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  • Planning Tip: Please include your phone number. We want to respect your time. A quick 5-minute phone call is a mutually beneficial way to start planning your dream trip to Costa Rica!