Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica is home to one of the most gorgeous landscapes in the world. Offering a myriad many white sand beaches, mystical coves, tropical rainforests rich with diverse vegetation among the backdrop of mystical mountains. This place is paradise…and we can book your family vacation or custom tour/day trip here for an incredible experience.

Costa Rica: Manuel Antonio National Park (Beaches)
Welcome to Manuel Antonio National Park. It’s truly paradise. We’ll plan your trip!

Manuel Antonino National Park Facts

  • Manuel Antonio National Park was nominated one of the world’s 12 most beautiful national parks by Forbes.
  • The park is called Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio in Spanish.
  • The park is located in the Central Pacific Conservation Area on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast.
  • Manuel Antonio is located 80 miles from San Jose, Costa Rica’s capitol.
  • The park was founded in 1972 and is the smallest national park in Costa Rica.

Manuel Antonio Beach Life

The beaches at Manuel Antonio National Park are white, sandy…what dreams (and movies) are made of. There are four Manuel Antonio beaches: Playita, Espadilla Sur, Teloro and the main Manuel Antonio beach. Beach visitors of all ages come to Manuel Antonio to enjoy the comfortable beaches, and can traverse between Manuel Antonio beach and Espadilla Sur via a natural land bridge made of sand called a “tombolo.” The traverse between Espadilla and Punta Catedral’s peak is only an hour-long hike, which makes for a great day-time activity. Tidal pools of swimmable ocean water (great for snorkeling!) can also be found in both the Manuel Antonio and Espadilla beaches. Riptides do happen, so be careful when swimming!

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Manuel Antonio Beaches
The gorgeous beaches of Manuel Antonio await. Don’t wait. Plan your itinerary with us today.

Manuel Antonio Weather Patterns

The average year-round high temperature at Manuel Antonio National Park is 87°, and the average low is 70°. Not bad for a vacation! It rains just a few inches per month from January through March, 6-7 inches in April and December, and May through November see the most rainfall with roughly 15 inches of rain per month. The humidity levels are usually 80-90%. Plan your trip accordingly. Once you’ve booked your Costa Rica itinerary and plan to visit Manuel Antonio during your stay, you can get a 15-day weather forecast by clicking here.

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Wildlife Tours: Manuel Antonio Biodiversity

The biodiversity at Manuel Antonio National Park is unsurpassed. With diverse wildlife species including over 100 mammals and nearly 200 different kinds of birds, seeing wildlife while on a rainforest tour is no problem at all. Ever want to see a sloth? White-headed capuchin monkey? There’s all that and more. As you roam the forest, you’ll discover different types of iguanas, toucans (yep…parrots!), parakeets and even snakes (careful!). Even dolphins can be easily found in the waters of Manuel Antonio National Park while sea kayaking, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Just off the shores of Manuel Antonio, avid fisherman can also catch tropical fish…how does a 100-pound billfish sound?

Manuel Antonio Wildlife Tours (Biodiversity)
See diverse wildlife (like this White-Headed Capuchin) at Manuel Antonio National Park!

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