Moving to Costa Rica from the United States of America

Are you an American considering moving to Costa Rica with kids and the rest of your family? You’re not alone. We can help you by planning a discovery trip to see if Costa Rica is right for you. Note: we do not offer relocation services.

Moving to Costa Rica Because of the US Election Results

Trump won. Less than half of America wanted this outcome. We believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion and their own vote. That’s democracy. Like you, however, we have concerns about such a choice to lead the United States of America. While we don’t believe in fleeing your homeland due to a single election, we sympathize with those who want to start anew or have been considering this move for some time now. We can plan a pilot trip for (and your family) to Costa Rica, however, we do not offer relocation services.

Gauging Life as an Expat in Costa Rica

Living in Costa Rica will be different. It will be simpler. There are simply fewer amenities. Perhaps a simpler way of life is what you’re searching for? Perhaps you wish to live in a place of natural beauty amidst a society that is taking an active stance against climate change? Perhaps you wish to immerse yourself into a Spanish-speaking culture? Perhaps you’re an outdoor enthusiast who wants to explore adventures in the rainforest? These are common reasons that an American expat might move to Costa Rica.

Life as an Expat in Costa Rica

Expats become accustomed to a slower pace of life. Fewer cell phones buzzing. Fewer sirens. Less unnecessary stress. American expats who move here for the first time need to realize that they are only going to be able to stay for 90 days before having to return to the USA for at least 72 hours…at least until they find a way to earn citizenship.

Best Places to Live in Costa Rica

We recommend that you explore our guide to where to go in Costa Rica, which details each major province and provides more detail on specific towns and destinations.

Where to Live in Costa Rica

The most common places to live in Costa Rica for American Expats are:

  • Central Valley – The high altitude in areas such as Alajuela, Heredia, and others offer a favorable climate where temperatures and humidity are lower than the coastal towns.
  • Arenal – The serenity of the rainforest of Costa Rica’s majestic volcano awaits those who want to explore Arenal in the province of Alajuela.
  • Gold Coast – The northwest part of Costa Rica (Pacific side), specifically the province of Guanacaste, offers the highest ratio of sunny days to rainy days, and is ideal for beach fanatics.
  • Southern Costa Rica – Also bordering the Pacific ocean, Costa Rica’s classic rainforest environments await wildlife fanatics. Quaint towns such as Quepos and Dominical reside in the province of Puntarenas.
  • Central Pacific – Looking for a cozy beachlife in the tropics? The gorgeous Manuel Antonio area in Puntarenas offers blissful refuge.

Jobs in Costa Rica for US Citizens

Americans who are able to work remotely will have the easiest transition when moving to Costa Rica. Spanish-speaking Americans with experience in the tourism industry will also have an easier time finding jobs in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Cost of Living

Expect a budget of $2,000 per month to live comfortably (yet still more simply) in Costa Rica, when moving from the US. Retirees may need a slightly larger budget (upwards of $3,000 per month). Compared to America’s cost of living, this is definitely much more affordable than living in the USA. Your rent or mortgage will likely fall in the $500 – $1,000 range, which is impressive considering of living in a desirable part of the USA. Maids and nannies are also much more affordable for families looking to relocate to Costa Rica.

Retiring in Costa Rica

Retiring in Costa Rica: Ride off into the sunset

Considering setting off into the sunset in the tropics? Retiring in Costa Rica might be the ticket for you! Many retirees come down to this beautiful country to reinvigorate their youth and enjoy their golden years in the wonders of nature.

Curious How to Move to Costa Rica? Here’s a Simple Plan

  1. Ensure you’re passport is up to date.
  2. Plan a discovery trip. We can arrange a trip for you to check out multiple areas.
  3. Finalize where you want to live and find a place to call home. Consider renting before you buy…just to make sure.
  4. Consider selling most of your belongings and starting anew in Costa Rica.
  5. Determine a path to citizenship.
  6. Purchase long-term housing.
  7. Keep in touch with friends and family and encourage them to visit!

Plan a Trip Before Moving to Costa Rica

We do not offer relocation services, however, we can plan a trip for you (and your family) to Costa Rica in order to determine if it’s the right move for you. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss pilot trip to Costa Rica. We are Americans that live in both Costa Rica and the USA, and can help with any questions that you have as you make this important decision and plan your pilot trip to Costa Rica.

  • Planning Tip: Please include your phone number. We want to respect your time. A quick phone call is a mutually beneficial way to start planning your dream trip to Costa Rica!

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