Planning Corporate Retreats, Business & Incentive Trips to Costa Rica

Company Meeting in Costa Rica

Many businesses choose to hold their corporate events in Costa Rica due to the country’s diversity. With tropical rainforests, jungles, and cloud forests, miles of gorgeous coastline along the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, volcanoes, waterfalls, and incredible wildlife, Costa Rica is impressive and very safe! So if you want to give your colleagues and employees a unique travel experience, reward them with an incentive program or host a unique board retreat, you couldn’t choose a better place.

Costa Rica Escapes’ Meeting & Event Planning services specialize in hosting luxury & premier corporate and incentive travel programs throughout Costa Rica. Our knowledge, relationships, experience, creativity, and personalized service offer an exceptional resource to your travel and event planning team should you host your group event, board retreat, or incentive trip in Costa Rica. We focus our efforts on meeting your goals and strive to exceed your expectations for the travel program.

Is Costa Rica an excellent place for a corporate retreat or business/incentive trip?

Luxurious Pool in Costa Rica

Of course, we will say yes, because we love Costa Rica but let us elaborate more for you.

As you may know, Costa Rica is all about the “Pura Vida” lifestyle, and you won’t truly understand it until you experience it. However, one observation you may see after your staff comes to Costa Rica is that they may feel a sense of “peace” in their work, or maybe a fantastic idea will go to them for the company as they are naturally surrounded by nature.

We don’t want to “scare” you and think they will not go back to work for you. Instead, we want you to “reinforce” their excellent work, have your employees remember why they work for you, and you can understand who they are outside of the office or your business.

It is truly a win/win for all. You, the company, will incentivize the employee to get a trip to Costa Rica, but then the company will have better and more enjoyable employees moving forward.

What are areas of Costa Rica suitable for a company trip?

Guanacaste Coast & Beaches


If you want to be at the beach at the quickest possible time, we suggest the Guanacaste area if you are flying into the Liberia Airport. In the Guanacaste area, there are many high-level, brand-named hotels that your staff may be comfortable with. Plus, there are hotels and beaches 20-30 minutes away from the Liberia Airport, that a shuttle can take people when they arrive, and you can have your toes in the sand about an hour after you land (Remember, you have to go through customs.)

We can look at places such as: Playa Hermosa, Playa Conchal, Tamarindo and Papagayo.

Arenal Volcano Area

Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica

Another option if you are looking to get away from the heat, especially if you live in Arizona or Texas in the summer time; that Arenal Volcano is perfect, as you are in the jungles and around the mountains.

Being at the Arenal Volcano, this would have probably consisted of a smaller group if you want to split the time from a volcano, some zip line, and whitewater rafting to head over to a beach at the end of your trip.

When is a good time for a company trip to Costa Rica?

The best time of year for a company trip would be the high season (Mid November to April) or the US summer season (June, July, and August).

Some dates you want to avoid would be Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Spring Break, and Easter, as those times can get extremely expensive.

What type of lodging do you want for your company trip?

Costa Rica Escapes will assist you in designing the perfect travel experience to fit your needs. With plenty of qualified hotel partners and suppliers, we are more than happy to arrange a traditional one-stop travel itinerary. Or we can be creative and offer you unique ideas for multiple destination experiences to exclusive, high-end boutique resorts in remote areas of the country.

What should be included in a corporate incentive trip?

Most incentive trips we have put together are all-inclusive, including accommodations, transportation, meals (depending on the hotel), and various activity options.


Street cars in Costa Rica

You will take care of your flights. We will get you to the airport and your hotel, take you on tours, and take you back to the airport.


luxury room in Costa Rica

Once again, this will be a choice for you and your company. There are plenty of hotels that we work with; it depends on what hotel you choose, along with what hotel style. Do you want to use a well-known branded name, or do you want to find a local hotel in Costa Rica?


Company Group Meal in Costa Rica

We have seen retreats vary in the meals. For example, we have witnessed breakfast and lunch offered, but dinner is on your own. We have seen breakfast and dinner only. We have also seen only a select couple of feasts as a group. Let’s ensure we plan this out to satisfy you and your crew.


costa rica tour guide

There are so many options for excursions:

You will not be disappointed in anything that you choose from this list. We will be here to help you decide.

How much will a company trip cost to Costa Rica?

Once you make your preferred selections, our role is to negotiate the best terms possible and ensure that all contracted items are delivered precisely as requested. Once we figure out the hotel(s), the activities, etc., you will enable you to have total input on the program and events but without having to carry out the time-consuming work that goes into pulling it all together.

Just an FYI: Cost varies considerably based on inclusions and hotel style.

Plan Your Company Trip!

Costa Rica is an incredible place to visit, as many will return to the country, and we are hoping that you will feel the same way after we have helped you design your Corporate Retreat.

You and your staff/employees will take away so much more than relaxing time on the beach or zip-lining in the jungle, or a whitewater rafting trip. You can take back stories, different connections outside of the office space, and beautiful memories.

We want to ensure that you are in the best hands with us as you prepare for your corporate trip to Costa Rica! Contact us today!

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